Learning Your Smart Phone

By Pastor Lee Young

The word smartphone can see like an oxymoron at times. If you are unable to use it or understand how it works, it can make you feel silly and not very smart. It was a privilege to teach a group of 28 adults how to understand and use their smartphones. To tackle this difficult task, I conscripted the experts in the field to hide the fact I am not an expert in smartphones at all.

Eight of our youth and volunteers took the time in small groups and individually to walk curious adults through the basic functions of their phone, as well as answered the barrage of questions that followed.

As one of our biggest fans (Pam Borchert) put it, “I was so impressed by your kindness, patience, gracious manner and willingness to just be there!” I was so proud of our youth team for how well they ran the event and thank you to all the participants who were patient and teachable as our youth guided them to the technological future of smart phones!

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