Lessons of the Fall

By Pastor Del Riemer

Free Fall Anne 1

On July 8th, 85 year old Anne Foster, along with her daughter and two granddaughters and I (Pastor Del), travelled to the Vernon Airport to leap out of a perfectly good airplane. After some training, we boarded a small, 4-seater Cessna and flew up to 10,000 feet before manoeuvering out onto a small metal step and launching ourselves (and our instructor who was attached to our back) out into the nothingness of the Okanagan skies. This adventure was to raise funds for a new high school being built in Tanzania by an organization called Hope For The Nations, and the money we raised (over $7000) will help to equip this school with desks, books, pens etc.  

Free Fall Anne 9

So what lessons did I learn by engaging in an unusual and abnormal activity such as sky diving?

Here are a few:

  • When risks are calculated and addressed, seemingly ‘risky’ activities can be safer than driving to the supermarket.
  • When undergoing something frightening, it helps to have someone with us that has been there before, knows our hesitation and can put our fears to rest.
  • Without initiative and trust, little is ever attempted or accomplished.
  • When past the ‘point of no return’, frightening activities become fun and exhilarating.
  • Equipment is at its optimum function when it is used for what it was created for.
  • Adventure is at its best when it is shared with someone.
  • Safety is guaranteed when we are attached to someone who is much more experienced, capable and skilled than we are.
  • Assumptions and fear holds us back, possibility and trust spurs us on.
  • When a fear is faced and addressed, it is much less intimidating when faced the next time. (In fact, it almost begs for repeat!)

Ok now… if you’re up for the challenge… read all those lessons and consider a spiritual principle that they would parallel!
So… want to give skydiving a try?  Call me and I’ll go with you! (I’m pretty sure there’s more I can learn!)

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Free Fall Anne 2

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Free Fall Anne 10

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