Let Your Light Shine

By Bree Young

On Sunday, February 12 we had a Church Wide Faith at Home event: Let Your Light Shine. It included all SBC Church family members; the young, the old and the in-between. Together we worshiped and learned how to let our lights shine.

The morning began with lots of excitement. When you entered the building you were greeted with a handshake coming from smaller hands than usual. SBC Kids were partnered with our regular adult morning servers. Next, as you made your way to the coffee counter, you found it busier than usual. Lots of faces, just barely tall enough to see over the counter, couldn’t wait to assist you. The usher helpers were plentiful. It was hard to choose whom to take your morning bulletin from, with so many cute faces to chose from. I couldn’t help notice that each junior server stood a little bit taller as they served beside their adult partner. Over and over again, the kids told me this was their favourite part of the morning. Thank you to all who partnered, encouraged and modeled serving to our SBC Kids.

As the service began you could feel the energy in the room. No one knew quite what to expect. After a short intro we all greeted each other with a Fa la la fist punch.

Luke Reimer and his music team led music worship. As the music started the area in front of the stage began filling up with little dancers. What a blessing for our kids to feel the freedom on Sundays to worship and wiggle. Throughout the morning during song time, kids danced with each other, used streamers, and did actions lead by some of the Sparks girls.

Grover and Pastor Lee taught us about four different Bible characters who were all different ages Each one of them let their light shine bright for Jesus Seven-year-old Joash reigned as King for forty years and did what was right in the sight of the Lord. As a teenager, David trusted and obeyed God when he defeated Goliath. Joshua, when he was middle aged declared that he and his household would serve the Lord. Lastly, Caleb, one of the spies who trusted God, continued shining his light bright for the Lord throughout his old age.

Before we took the offering, Mrs. E used coloured water and containers to teach us why we tithe and exactly where our money goes when we give to the Church. On a normal Sunday morning, our SBC Kids are dismissed for their Bible learning time before the offering is taken. This Sunday was a great opportunity for families to experience and give their offering together. An email was sent out a week before this Faith at Home event encouraging families to talk together about what offering time is, preparing their children for a chance to give an offering too.

Dr. Actual Factual made an appearance. Our Elementary SBC Kids have met him before and are familiar with his science experiments, mistakes and forgetfulness. A secret message was reveled and we all learned that we need to let our light shine, but we need Jesus the light of the world to help us.

Prayers, song, and lights shining in the dimmed sanctuary brought our Service to an end.

Lee and I have been here just over a year and a half. When we were “checking out” SBC to see if we would fit here, I was encouraged by the message that children mattered at SBC. But these are just words. I wondered; does this Church really believe this? Do they actually do this? Oh man, do you ever! This church-wide Faith at Home event showed me again your love for SBC Kids. From the willingness to serve as greeters, coffee hosts, and ushers with the kids; to embracing their energy, wiggles, and noise during the service; to sitting beside them in the pew and soaking up God’s message to let our light shine. I am overwhelmed with your love for our kids and your willingness to not only make room for them, but to stand beside them and let our lights shine together.

“In the same way, let your light shine in front of others. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will praise your father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Thanks to Brad Riemer for creating such a beautiful video of the service!

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