Meet our Mexican Family

By Pastor Mikel

Yuri and children

This spring break our youth mission team is heading to San Quintin Mexico to build a family for Yuri Estela Flex Dorado. Yuri has five children. Her children’s names are Maria (12), Nikcia (10), Gael (7), Lliana (5), and Angel (3). They currently live in a house made of cardboard and plastic. Yuri is a single mother and is the only one that is employed.  

Our plan is to build her a three bedroom house with a kitchen rancher. The house will be rather simple by Canadian standards. It will have a cement foundation and plywood walls. It is my understanding that she already has water and electricity. Along with the house, we will also be building beds and providing whatever basic furnishing that is required. My favorite part of this trip is when we have finished their home, we share a meal with them around their new kitchen. It is at that moment that the reality that we are family, which is brothers and sisters in Christ, becomes tangible.

Thank you for all your support as we have fundraised for this trip. We still have some fundraising to go and would appreciate any last donation that will push us over the top. And most importantly, we would cherish your prayers for health and safety as we head down on March 22nd.

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