Mexico 2017 - Life Changing

By Colin and Danielle

What a rollercoaster of emotions it was today for the Mexico team and me. We all felt sadness at having to leave such a wonderful experience in the rear-view mirror but also felt great joy at the thought of seeing our families and friends again. To top it all off, two Baptisms today in the waters of San Diego Bay; what a joy to express my faith in front of my brothers and sisters in Christ. This experience has changed every single member of the team and will be a defining moment in each of our journeys of faith.

Colin Fitzpatrick

Mexico 2017 Colin

This week has been such a life changing experience for each one of us. I have grown so much closer to God and made such strong connections within the group that I didn’t know I would make. To end the trip with two Baptisms is such an amazing feeling, especially getting to express my commitment of faith in the San Diego Bay crowded with people watching. To share that experience with this group of people was so joyful and heartwarming, I haven’t felt as comfortable and accepted as I do in this group of people. I think I can speak for us all when I say we have made memories this week that we will never forget.

Danielle Erdt

mexico 2017 danielle

Mexico 2017 Lee Colin Danielle

Mexico 2017 team



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