Mexico Highlights Part 2


I got the opportunity to go to VBS all three days, and I was able to connect with so many kids and to work one on one. Getting the chance to make a difference in these kids lives made me forget about my worries back home, and to not worry about the little things. This trip taught me a lot about God, friendships and what we have back home, we shouldn't take for granted. I recommend this trip for anyone who was the chance to go, because you won't have any other experience like this one.

Abby Mistal - Grade 10


I was fortunate enough to come to Mexico this year with an amazing team who constantly encourages and supports each other. It was such an experience to build a home for a family who truly deserves it. I know that they will cherish this new home and always remember the amazing memories of building it together.

Delaney Sorensen - Grade 11


As I look back to our trip in Mexico I am so thankful for the depth of our students and leaders. Youth trips can often be plagued with “urgent teen issues” that can drain leaders and tie up time and space that has been designed for ministry to others. This team worked when it was time to work. They played when it was time to play. They spent quality time with each other, intentionally building into each other, all the while making sure the tasks of the day were finished. I was privileged to see real growth in many students and leaders which is always so exciting. We built great relationships with each other as well as growing deeper in our relationship with Jesus. Mission trips can be very draining for a youth pastor but for me this trip, it was life giving and that is a gift that I am thankful for.

Pastor Lee

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