Mexico Mission Trip - Day 1

By Pastor Mikel

Day One

Today we met our family for the first time. We met the father, mother, the four sons and the 3 month old baby girl. The current house is incredibly small. I believe most of us have bathrooms bigger than this house. Now imagine 7 people living in it and picture bunk beds stacked 3 high. They also have a dirt floor, no electricity, heat, or gas. It's a wonderful privilege to be invited by God to share his love with this family this week.

Our team did a fantastic job getting to work. We built 3/4 of the walls and we should be able to put them up tomorrow by lunch time. The cement foundation was already prepped by local builders. When the family was asked to choose the paint colour for the house, they chose the blue that matched their baby daughter's eyes.

We also have a ton of neighbourhood kids at the worksite. So, a bunch of youth went off to spend the day playing with the kids in the dirt field next to the house that we are building. What started out with 4 kids turned into 10, then 20 and finally 40. The girls that played with the kids were covered in dust by the end of the day with great big smiles. Even with the language barrier, friendships are growing.

After work today we went to a local taco stand. Best tacos I have ever had in my life. Fresh, handmade tortillas and salsa. It was wonderful to watch the youth group chow down on tacos amongst a crowd of local people and a highway. By the way, our fast-food restaurants could learn from these guys. I think my taco took 10 seconds to make.

Our accommodations are outstanding. Having a hotel to stay at with a shower and a bed is priceless. Sarah, my wife, said it was the second best decision I have ever made. The mission base camp is right next to the hotel. We finished the night with songs around a campfire, sharing what Jesus had been doing in our hearts during the day and praying for each other.

Tomorrow we are dividing into two teams. One team will return to the house to continue building while another team begins work on a transition house at the base camp for girls that have been freed from the sex trade. Then they will head out to make lunch for 50 children and do an afternoon bible lesson with crafts and skits.

Please pray that we all stay healthy in the heat and can sense the Holy Spirit's presence and leading. Pray that we have wisdom in preparing a church service on Wednesday night and pray that God would prepare out hearts as we head out on Friday to feed families that live in the local dump. 

Thank you for your prayers.

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