Mexico Mission Trip - Day 2

By Pastor Mikel

Day Two

Today was incredibly productive. One team spent the morning digging trenches for water, gas and electrical lines for the new transition house for girls that have been rescued from the sex trade. Apparently, it's a unfortunate practice for some large families to sell their 12 year old daughters for $50. This, of course, is illegal but authorities are slow to prosecute and also recognize they don't have anywhere for the girls to go to after rescue. And that is were this transition house will come into play. Despite the very hard work the crew was enthusiastic because they knew the blessing that their hard work would bring to some young girls in the future.

Day 2 1

Meanwhile the rest of the team continued to work on building the house for the family. Today we completed the roof and finished painting the trim, which wasn't that easy in the the crazy wind today. The team was also blessed by the family with homemade chicken burritos and soft drinks for lunch. What a humbling gift to receive a meal of this expense by a family that has so little. Most families in Mexico live a vegetarian lifestyle since meat is so expensive. And yet this family blessed us with a wonderful meal and was insistent that we would eat until we were full.

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In the afternoon just before lunch another group from our team left to make make lunch and do a bible lesson and craft for kids in the community of San Francisco. The team went to the local market to buy tortillas, cheese, ham and cookies and juice. The local market experience is quite the event. When the team arrived at the dining hall, there were only 10 kids but that changed as the number grew to 50 kids. The team split into two teams: one prepared the quesadillas and the other prepared the skits and craft. By the end of the day all were fed, we acted out the story of the Good Samaritan and made cross necklaces. When we arrived it was very humbling when the pastor asked us to "Forgive them for where they fell short." I think it should had been the other way around.

Day 2 7

Tomorrow the plan is to do another lunch and bible lesson in a new community that has never had one before, complete painting the home,help rebuild the playground at a special needs school and finally attend a church service where they have asked us to play some songs and for me to share a sermon. Yours prayer are appreciated as we continue to seek Jesus.

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