Mexico Mission Trip - Day 3

By Pastor Mikel

 Day Three

Wow, what a day. As I sat down to write this post it was hard to remember what we had done in the morning because so much had happened. This morning, one group from our team headed out to continue working on the house. The roof is on and the outside is painted. All that is left is the inside furnishing. One of the things that was astonishing for me was watching a determined young man in a wheelchair help the team paint.

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Another group from our team went to do a morning of games, a bible skit and crafts in a community that hasn't had a group like this come there before. Instead of a church, we pulled up to a community of row houses with numerous families living in each of the single room homes. It took a bit to gain the trust of the families as this was new. However, with a soccer ball and a few skipping ropes we we able to build some connections. Afterwards I pulled out the crayons and colouring sheets. In no time we had a whole group of kids colouring on a cement cistern. The kids really liked our play about the prodigal son, especially the funny costumes, and loved the craft.

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In the afternoon another group went to the special needs school. However, once we got there we found out that the kids weren't there because their school bus was broken and most had no other way to get there. We focused instead, as requested, on the tearing down of the old playground. But after a few wacks of a sledge hammer, a teacher ran out and told us that he wanted us to fix and move the playground not tear it down. After some translations work, we found out that they wanted us to dig up the monkey bars and slide, both with cement foundations, and move them across the playground. The monkey bars weighed over 500lbs. I thought for sure this was a joke but after some unique levering we got them out of the hole but then decided that it was too dangerous to keep moving it. Then the teachers came out and showed us how to move the equipment with a handy rope! It was basically tugowar. I have never seen a rope used that way before, but I admit I was impressed.

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After dinner we joined the family of the house we are building at their church. I shared my testimony of surviving the tsunami and Shae, Delaney and Jensen sang three songs with some lyrics in Spanish which they had learned today at lunch for tonight's service. They did a fantastic job. A number of girls also lead the enthusiastic kids in three action songs too. After the service we joined them for a small meal and Spanglish.

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Tomorrow we will be finishing the house and buying beds and a table for the family. We will also be taking a crew to the local dump to feed the people that live there. In the afternoon we will join another lunch program to do some crafts and a bible lesson. Please pray for continued strength and energy as we continue to serve this community.


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