Mexico Mission Trip - Day 4

By Pastor Mikel

Day 4 2

What I appreciated about today was noticing how the youth have been stepping up in confidence in areas that are not within their comfort zone. An example of this is the group from our team that went to the local dump this morning to feed the families that live there. Many were tentative to go because of the difficulty of what they would see at the dump, but afterwards were grateful to have served there. We actually had to draw names to decide who goes because so many wanted to serve in this place of need. The local pastor in this community explained how some of the people go to live at the dump because they personally view themselves as garbage, so they figure they might as well live there. What a gift to extend God's value of these people by visiting and feeding God's children that have forgotten themselves in the brokenness of the world.

Another moment our youth stepped up was this afternoon when it was time to leave to do children's ministry for another group of children. The youth who normally did the kids programs weren't availabe (busy building or shopping for the family). Youth who had been expecting an afternoon break were asked to step up instead. At first exhaustion and inexperience seemed substantial reasons to stay back at the base, but then an attitude shift happened and the van filled up with willing volunteers, ready to go! We went to the lunch program that is led by Margarita who is a local pastor. She is also the first female pastor we've met here. She explained how she started this program to care and feed these children that are abandoned during the day. All she has to go on is faith. Each day is a step of faith, as she often doesn't know where she is going to get enough food to feed the kids but God always provides. I personally was humbled by the faith of this fellow pastor.

The kids at Margarita's program were an incredible blessing. Of all the kids, they were the most eager to engage with us. They loved the songs and even taught us one too. The biggest hit was after explaining the bible story of the lost coin, asking the kids to go find a 100 plastic gold coins that we had hid around the playground. The depth of faith in these kids was noticeable as they answered our Bible questions with a firm grasp of the life and work of Jesus.

Tomorrow we are off to furnish the house we built and share lunch with them. We are all very excited to share all the gifts and household staples we have compiled. It's amazing what can take place in a week. We are thankful for your prayerful support and for God's empowering presence which has sustained us this far.

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