Mexico Mission Trip - Day 5

By Pastor Mikel

Finito, accomplished, complete. Today we dedicated the house and handed over the keys to the family. What an emotional time as we all stood around the family sharing how much this week has impacted us. There weren't any dry eyes. The common themes shared were how much our team felt blessed to be able to serve this family, how this may have been their first mission trip but it won't be their last, and how they feel connected with the family even with the language barrier.

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Before we handed the keys over, we got to stage the house with mattresses and sheets for the beds; cutlery, plates and cups along a table; household staples like flour, oil, salt, beans and rice; and numerous household cleaners. The house looked beautiful. We also left small gifts for all the family members on their new beds, along with clothes, blankets and diapers for the baby.

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The family's pastor also joined us in dedicating the house. I was blessed when he and his wife mentioned that they realized how much work it must have taken to raise all the funds to come here, "That we don't just have a bag of money to take from." This reminded me of how grateful I am to all the work the parents did in support of this trip. Thank you.

After the dedication, we all had soup that the family made and shared a meal together. It was a special time to sit around the new kitchen table in the new kitchen with family. This is something we have all done, but what a gift to sit with this family in their kitchen for the first time.

We were also surprised by the mother of some of the neighbourhood children we had been playing with all week. She came to thank us for taking the time play with her children and how much it meant to them and her.

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Tomorrow we get on the bus for 5am and begin the 2 day trek home. What an amazing week. It's a gift to look back at all that God empowered us to do.


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