Mexico Update from Bailey & Joshua

By Bailey & Joshua

My experience with One Life One Chance has been amazing. Having the opportunity to meet the family we are building our houses for was a privilege.

Meeting the father of the family on the first work day was so great, he introduced himself and began to share his thankfulness to us. He said that he has been praying for a house and says that we are his answer to prayer. Going to the dump was an eye opener, seeing a couple trying to raise a family in the dump is not easy.

I have loved to create bonds with the locals as well within the group. Having a conversation with each one of them and getting to know them better has been awesome!



My experience here in Mexico with the One Life One Chance ministries was an absolute blessing. Every day I was being exposed to rich Mexican culture and many different ways of life.

Throughout this experience, I was able to take part in the V.B.S program which allowed me to work with many of the children in a local San Quintin elementary school. The school, without a doubt, was my favourite and I will never forget the memories made there with those special children. I went into the V.B.S program wondering what I could teach the children about Canadian culture (ie: English, foods, etc.) and ended up being the student. The children taught me a whole new world of Mexican culture and I am more than happy to share their story. San Quintin is like a second home for me, and I am very pleased to say I hope to be returning with the ministries for more work in the futureā€¦



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