Mexico Update - Thursday

By Pastor Mikel

Thursday March 26, 2015

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So, here's a 'lost in translation' moment. While doing ministry at a school here in San Quintin, Sarah began by sharing that, "We love Jesus and came all the way from Canada to share our love for Him with you." One of the kids became quite confused and wanted to know how we could already know Jesus (Hesus), who was in the class and sitting right next to him.

This morning we had a small team head back to the house to build the beds and install the windows. It was basically Mexican Ikea. Within a couple of hours we had completed one double, two singles and one bunk bed. When we had finished, the local pastor invited our whole team over to their church for fish tacos. Which,were the best fish tacos ever! I am pretty sure the fish was caught that day. It was an incredible feast. Once again the hospitality of this church community was beautiful.

After tacos we had a number of our team head to the dump to feed the people that either lived there or rummage through the trash to find items that can be salvaged for sale. It was very moving for our team members to hear some of their stories and difficult to listen to their self-depreciation as they felt they deserved this lot in life. I trust that our small amount of time spent with them will add to the culmination of other ministries in helping them see themselves as valuable children of God.

We also had a team do a ministry time at a local school. This time it was led solely by the youth. When they arrived, the teacher wasn't there so they began with giving the kids colouring sheets. However, on the ground it was difficult to colour. So, with the encouragement of the local parents, our team jumped through the window of the locked school to bring out chairs and tables to colour on. Eventually, the team ended up with a large group as children from the community joined in as well.

While all of these things were going on, another team began the day long process of purchasing sheets, tables, chairs, dishes, etc. for the house. Unfortunately, you can't just go to one place but need to hunt all over town from stores to roadside shops with furniture out on the dirt next to the highway to find what we need.

Tomorrow, we will stage the house with everything we have purchased and dedicate the house and pray for the family. It's going to be a culmination of the weeks work and trust it will be a rich time. Please pray that tomorrow we would be able to powerfully share the Love of Jesus to this family and community.


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