Ministry Crafts at SBC

By Dianne Holland

Beacon Initiatives Ministry Crafts at SBC! 

WHY do folk participate? Here’s why... because they have hearts of gold spawned by a love for Jesus - and others! 

So, what do they do? They meet Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room. They chat and laugh while their hands are busily ripping freshly laundered, bleached bedsheets (that are donated by the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop) into zillions of strips. 

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They rip the sheets into bandage-length strips and arduously remove loosely hanging threads.

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After ironing the strips they are very carefully rolled on specially designed, hand-operated rollers and bound with elastics along with neatly folded square compresses. 



That all sounds good... now what?  Painstakingly they are bundled into plastic packages. Like so! 




This dedicated group of volunteers enjoy so much fun as they lovingly create bandages, compresses and other items for urgent overseas needs. In 2017, these SBC volunteers provided to the Canadian Food for Children organization 6,100 bandages and 6,100 compresses (six thousand, one hundred!). They also donated other items that some of these willing workers do on their own time, such as: 19 lap blankets, 96 toques, 60 pneumonia vests, 10 dresses, 34 leprosy bandages, 86 receiving blankets, 96 diapers, 58 pads, 12 crib sheets, 4 knitted teddies and 4 baby dolls. 


And just who are these lovingly created items designed to bless? Needy folk from Angola - Zambia. 19 different countries in all. SBC has been active in this vital ministry since 2004! 


The ever-changing group has usually been made up of 7 – 9 dedicated women. BUT, it is not restricted to women. And it is not restricted to seniors. Come – enjoy Tuesday afternoon fellowship, fun and productivity. Just show up! If you can’t come, pass the word along. No experience, no special education or skills necessary. The group's coordinator, Anne Foster, will welcome you with open arms and find just the right spot for you in the Ministry Crafts of SBC!

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