Playschool Shoeboxes!

On Monday we made Christmas shoeboxes for kids in other countries.

shoeboxes group

Mrs. E told us that there were kids far away that have never gotten a Christmas present.

shoeboxes group 2

She told us that the shoebox presents we send may be the only Christmas present a child has ever gotten. Mrs. E said the best part is that each child who gets a shoebox will also learn that the very best gift of all is Jesus and that He loves each of us very much.

We wanted to help. Here are some of the things we brought:

shoeboxes 3

shoeboxes 5

shoeboxes 6

Some things were hard to give up!

shoeboxes 2

But it was so exciting to give them to a child who needed it that it was hard to sit still!

shoeboxes 8

We all got a turn to put in our presents.

shoeboxes 4

shoeboxes 7

shoeboxes 9

shoeboxes 10

There was lots of stuff!

shoeboxes 11

We filled two shoeboxes.

shoeboxes 12

We were all pretty happy about this!

shoeboxes 14

Later our boxes were added to the pile that our whole church made up.

shoeboxes group holding

shoeboxes 15

Some presents were for boys and some were for girls.

shoeboxes stack

Look at them all!

shoeboxes stack 2

Even kids who are too young for preschool love to help!

shoeboxes m

This stack of presents is bigger than me!

shoeboxes m2


shoeboxes m3

We loved making shoebox presents for other kids and we can't wait to do it again next year!

shoeboxes 13



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