Dress Up Fun!

By Wendy Nixon

playschool halloween group

Well our first month of Playschool has flown by. We are having fun learning together and getting to know each other.

October 31 (Halloween) was dress up day at Playschool. Who doesn’t love to dress up as a beautiful princess, rainbow dash pony or a fierce alligator or transformer for a day. What fun to make believe you have super powers or are the belle of a ball and twirl in a gown.

My hope is that we can all feel like dress up kids in the eyes of God... loved, amazing, strong and special because he loves us.

playschool pic 2 resized  playschool pic 3 resized

IMG 2797

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  • Lorena

    21 November 2018 at 19:16 | #

    Love these! The group shot is priceless!


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