Practical Skills Workshops - Fall 2018

By Pastor Del Riemer

PSW Winter 2017 TeaserDuring the Fall of 2018, Summerland Baptist Church once again mailed out 3800 Practical Skills catalogues to every home in our community, highlighting 11 workshops designed to engage all ages. Each workshop was instructed by one of our SBC folks who has both passion and expertise to guide interested individuals to experience and enjoy a new hobby, skill or a better understanding of a pertinent issue.

From practical instruction on painting, cooking, baking, budgeting, servicing a lawnmower or tree pruning to fun activities such as pickleball, two step dancing, playing the ukulele or just getting REFIT, over 170 people registered and participated in one or more workshops.

Why do we do this? Scripture tells us to love one another, serve one another, make the most of every opportunity, offer yourselves as a ‘living sacrifice’ and comfort others with the same comfort with which we have been comforted. All these quotes speak to connection and caring, not only to those we already know and love, but to those we don’t know… yet!

Practical Skills Workshops gives opportunities for SBC people to use their God given passions and experiences to enrich those from all ages in our community as well as to give personal fulfillment to each instructor. What a privilege to have something worth sharing all within the knowledge that “the kindness of God leads to repentance”. Romans 2:4.

On average, our Spring, Fall and Winter PSW sessions provide us with around 600 connections with people from our community each year. Let’s celebrate these opportunities, pray for creative topics & willing people to teach, as well as an increasing love for our community of Summerland!

(Oh, and our new Winter/Spring catalogue is already out. CLICK HERE to view the catalogue or register for one of our workshops!)

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