Red Carpet 2018

By Delaney McKelvey

The Red Carpet event this year for me was a little different, and I was able to witness the night from a completely different perspective! The past couple years I’ve been able to be a part of the planning and designing team for the night, however this year, since I was still away at school, I missed out on that part. But I was so honoured and thankful to have been asked to be the speaker for the night! Something that is totally out of my comfort zone, but as I’ve grown and been challenged this year at school I’ve chosen to step out in boldness in some areas that scare me, this being one of them!

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As I prepared my message for the night I was reminded of the overall theme the Red Carpet night is about. And that is this: to encourage each and every girl that they are so loved by God, and that they are all created unique and special, and then being able to celebrate that by dressing up in fancy dresses and walking the red carpet. I thought back to my middle school years, that aren’t really that far off, and realized how a night like this, a message like this, and a community of loving women coming together to serve me like this would have meant to me. It is truly an incredible time of celebrating and loving on these precious girls that God loves so much.

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So I thought to myself, what was I supposed to say that would make a difference? That would contribute to the beauty of the celebration of the night? Surely there was someone more qualified than me to share with these girls. But as I spent time in prayer, I was once again reminded how God can use the people that feel unqualified, and use the way that He has worked in their lives to touch others.

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That  was what I’d share…my story! I shared with the girls about my years in middle school and high school, and the different things I walked through. I shared about how I was sucked into the culture of comparison, and jealousy of the world, and how I finally stopped trying to be someone who I wasn’t and allowed God to love me, as He had the whole time. I shared the journey I went on to seeking my true identity, in that I am loved unconditionally by the One True King, and that I was created original.

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As I spoke that night, I was a little nervous, and a little shaky, but ultimately I knew that if God was faithful to ask me to speak to these girls, that He would be faithful to use me. That I couldn’t and shouldn’t underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit, and that even if my message was only heard by one girl, I should be excited about that!

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The rest of the night was nothing short of a great celebration. As soon as the girls were dismissed to go to the stations (hair, nails, make up, dresses, shooting gallery), they got up and ran, and in a matter of seconds it seemed, were eagerly looking for the dress of their choice, lining up for their hair to be done, and getting excited for the night. Usually this would be the time I’d assume my hair styling position that I’ve done for the past few years, but this year I was able to walk around to each station, and witness the joy on the girls faces as they found their favourite dress, or laughed with their friends as they got their picture taken. I also got to witness the amazing ladies that selflessly volunteered to serve these girls with their whole hearts. To see the joy on the volunteers, and the girls faces as they went from station to station, was really a beautiful sight. I especially loved seeing the girls getting their picture taken with an object that represented them (hockey stick, baseball jersey, ballet shoes, etc.) It was so cool to look around the room and see how different each girl is, and to see them celebrating that in a fun, and loving environment.





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  • Nancy Fletcher

    05 July 2018 at 06:50 | #

    As I read Delaney's blog my heart swells with joy and pride at how my beautiful and wise granddaughter has found her place in the Lord . Just being able to spend time with her I feel God''s love shining through. I am positive her Red Carpet event speech was a blessing to all. Thank you for loving her.


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