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Back in June, a very special event was held for our Middle School Girls. The whole focus of this Red Carpet Event was to clearly present the message to each girl that she is beautiful. She was created. And she is loved. A wonderful team of women came together to put on this amazing event and to make each girl feel welcome, valued and loved. Not only did the girls feel special and enjoy being pampered, relationships were forged between the volunteers and the girls who attended. We are thankful for the way God used this evening to impact both the girls and the volunteers. Below, Stephanie and Brin share their experiences of the night...

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I have a daughter in Middle School so when I heard that Bree was hosting an event for them, I jumped on the volunteer team. A small group of ladies gathered in her living room, each bringing to the table their passion for decorating, food, make-up, hair and beautiful dresses! The idea was to create an evening for Middle School girls who often struggle with self worth and make them feel like the daughter of the King they are! I was inspired to give these girls an awesome evening, even though NONE of these areas are my natural gifts. I signed up to help set up and be at the dress station for the evening.

Upon arrival, many girls were unsure, arms crossed and chins down. They were sent to the nail, hair and make-up stations. When they came into the dress area, they were more confident and feeling pretty. They also were served fancy drinks and food. Chocolate fountain and candy counter? Where has this event been all my life! As the girls eventually flowed into the dress area, we sent them off with a few to try. When they finally said, 'YES to the DRESS!', they were beaming! Each girl who attended could have brought me to tears. To see them feel beautiful on the outside was so awesome!

Under every girl... including the ones who never wear dresses, is a girl who loves to have attention to their importance and beauty from God. We love to occasionally be fancy and spend time on hair, nails and make-up. Add a beautiful dress and our mannerism changes for the better!

Although it is wonderful to feel beautiful on the outside, we wanted these girls to feel beautiful on the inside. That they are created by Christ, in his image and are so special! Amanda Brown spoke to bring attention to this inner beauty they have with Christ. What an amazing evening! One of the funnest events I have EVER volunteered for! Filled me up big time!

Stephanie Erdt

Brin also shares her experiences attending the event...

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When I stepped into the church gym, I was amazed by the beautiful decorations. A kind face welcomed me and handed me a delicious drink. I talked and laughed with my friends while we waited for the night to start. Soon, Bree Young welcomed us all again and explained the night. And we were off. We got our makeup, hair and nails done while we were served more drinks. There was candy, appetizers, desserts and even a chocolate fountain to taste! Once we were ready we tried on dresses. We tried on as many as we wanted until we found “the one”. We got professional pictures done by Heidi McKelvey that looked amazing! Then we all sat down to listen to Amanda Brown, who talked to us about God’s view of beauty and the world’s view of beauty. She inspired me to remember that God loves me no matter what I look like or how I act. The whole night made me feel so beautiful and loved. I can’t wait to help with the Red Carpet Event next year so I can help with the event and show more girls they’re beautiful.

Brin Young

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And some photos of our fabulous volunteers...

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Did you know that SBC now has a Red Carpet Closet? Beautiful dresses are available to be borrowed by girls and women attending a special event. If you have a fancy dress in your closet that you no longer wear, and would like to donate it, please bring it to the church office. To find out more about the Red Carpet Closet or to borrow a dress, please click here.

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