REFIT®: You Belong Here

By Bree Young

The story begins with me attending a dance fitness class in a city 45 minutes away, the nearest available class to me. Saskatchewan winters are long and cold. Dance fitness was my vitamin D. The instructor had just become certified, the class was her first and I was the only participant. She and I both agreed that continuing the class would benefit us both. She could learn how to be the instructor and I would get my Vitamin D. About half way through our 10 week session I realized that I could be an instructor too. I don’t remember the instructor’s name, but I’ll never forget how vulnerable she was with me. She made mistakes with the choreography and verbal cues, she wasn’t in perfect fitness shape, but she was willing to share all this confidently with me. If she had been perfect my light bulb moment would never have occurred. 

Finding a fitness class I could unite with my faith was the next step. A YouTube search finally brought me to three ladies from Texas who, like me, wanted more from dance fitness. They were just at the beginning of starting up REFIT®, a life-changing group fitness experience that rocks body, heart and soul with powerful movement and inspiring music. 


Now to become certified. My husband, my biggest supporter, drove me all the way from Waldheim, Saskatchewan (where we were living at the time) to Bothell, Seattle for a weekend of REFIT® instructor training. There I met the founders and fell deeply in love with this faith-infused fun fitness program.

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Fast forward to today. I have been an instructor for over 4 years. In these past years of teaching REFIT® my classes have been an open door between community and church. Where for some the Church may not feel like a safe place, or maybe it just an unknown place. REFIT® is an open door to feel welcomed. Women are willing to step through the church doors into a fitness class. I currently teach in Summerland Baptist Church, Summerland Fitness Center and schools throughout the area. In each of these classes I have the opportunity to connect, encourage, inspire and strengthen participants. 

refit tribe

Because of REFIT® and the community built there, participants have been willing to come to the REFIT® class located in a church gym, to send their kids to SBC Summer Nights and sports camps, donate and volunteer their time and dresses to our Middle School Red Carpet Event, ask for prayer, share their life stories with me and just recently two ladies have decided to become instructors.

Jen is my most faithful participant. She comes to every class I offer. If I forget choreography I look at her, because I know she will be rocking it. Over time I have seen her transformed. I asked her if she would like to help with REFIT® Kids this last session and I was thrilled that she agreed! She even helped lead a song. She has begun to attend Summerland Baptist Church. In May, she will come with me to Calgary, the REFIT® instructors training weekend. She will become an official REFIT® instructor. And I will be her biggest fan. I have watched how God has used her love for REFIT® to encourage, strengthen, and draw her closer to Him and I am so blessed. 

refit group

Another of the things I love about REFIT® is the emphasis on both internal and external change – we believe the heart is a muscle AND a soul. When a participant comes to REFIT® they become part of a community of women who are enough, no matter where they are on their fitness journey. I like to say the bonus of REFIT® is the change in our bodies, but the best benefit is powered by human connections of support, encouragement and equipping. 

refit you belong

I also run a REFIT® Kids class at SBC that just keeps growing each week. I love the freedom the kids have as they dance, feel so proud when they come up to lead a song, love the comments from parents as I introduce inspiring positive songs their kids can listen to at home, and enjoy meeting families from the community who registered their kids.

Refit Kids

I am not in perfect fitness shape, I make mistakes with the choreography and verbal cues, but I am willing to share all my imperfections and my love for Jesus with all my participants. 

refit brings joy

REFIT® classes propel students to their best selves through dance, toning, balance and flexibility. The easy-to–follow formula is perfect for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts, with workout designed for everybody and every body - regardless of age, shape, size or ability. 

If you’d like to experience REFIT® for yourself, know that you are welcome no matter where you are on your fitness journey. I truly believe you will love it.

For more information check out REFITwithbree on Facebook

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