RUSH 2016

By Pastor Lee

rush 1

Youth retreats are an interesting thing. They are full of fun, hype and nuclear amounts of energy. What I have found over the last 25 years of retreats, as both student and leader, is that the older you get the less hype affects you. You still have fun but it changes over time as well. What was fun 20 years ago now breaks you in half so the fun can be in the watching instead…

rush 2

What I find interesting about youth retreats is how they shape the heart of of our youth and leaders that attend. Retreats like RUSH in Kelowna give our youth an opportunity to meet with Jesus in a unique and special way. Like many of us, a special event can often jump start our minds and hearts into action. Think of the Russ Rosen event Christmas Tales. Many of us felt the Spirit move and were inspired in our faith.

Youth retreats do that for our youth because they are designed for our youth. This weekend our youth were challenged to go “All-in” by Joel Feddersen, the youth pastor at Willow Park Church. In one of his talks, Joel told the story of the woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears and hair (Luke 7:36-50). Joel challenged us to be like the woman and go “all-in” and leave our old selves behind and embrace the new self that is found in Jesus. Talk about a jump start to your faith!

As always, the weekend retreat was great for relationship building, being challenged in our faith, and time spent with other believers singing (at volume 11) to our glorious God who loves and cares for us.

Below are some photos taken when we were tubing at Big White on the Saturday of the conference:

tubing 1

tubing 2

tubing 3

tubing 4

tubing 5

tubing 6

tubing 7

tubing 8

tubing group

tubing group 2

And now we will close this post with a random PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST!

... well, it's not really a contest in that there is no winner and no prize, but we just thought the following photo needed a caption. And since our readers are so creative and witty, we thought we would put it out there for you to come up with one! Just leave a comment below with a caption for this photo: 

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