Seasons of Practical Skills

By Pastor Del Riemer

This past week, SBC began our fourth year of Practical Skills Workshops offered to our Summerland Community. Each year we offer 3 seasonal catalogues that contain up to 14 different workshops taught by gifted (and mostly retired) instructors from our church family. Some people ask, “What is the motivation for offering these courses?” To get more people to church? Evangelism? Fundraising? The answer is... none of these! We simply desire to enrich our church members by acknowledging their life skills and encouraging them to enrich someone else's life by transferring these passions and skills to others. In addition, we want to love and connect with those in our Summerland community with no strings attached.

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The Fall semester of 2017 saw over 150 people register to participate in workshops such as Navigating Menopause, Motorcycle & RV Winterization, Family Heirloom BBQ Ribs, Intro to Mountain Biking, Basic Dog Training & Behaviour, Carving a Walking Stick, Maximizing Your Smart Phone Use, Family Heirloom Pastry and Fruit Tree Pruning & Maintenance.

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For our Winter semester we have over 100 people registered. New to the line up in this catalogue are: Family Heirloom Soup & Buns, Hope Road Gospel Community Choir, Creative Writing, Kid Proofing your Computer, Kitchen Knife Skills, Aging and Sleep, Meal Planning, Computer Essentials and REFIT for both adults and kids. These courses reflect the willingness and passion of our people at SBC and their desire to connect with folks from our community with skills and information that comes from open hearts and hands.

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What is the ministry of our church? To welcome, accept, offer assistance & service and bless those inside and outside our walls... For Christ's Sake!

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