By Heidi & Karalyn Friesen

We are so thankful for our amazing volunteers and Prayer Pals who faithfully pour into our Shine girls each year. Here are some highlights from two lovely ladies who have invested themselves in countless ways over the years...

I had the privilege of taking pictures at the Shine Father Daughter night. I saw girls accompanied by important men in their life dressed for the jungle themed evening. The fashion show included Stefan Mahon as an “unashamed” butterfly and Wes and Daneal Burdick as Apple Safari icons. There were cats and gorillas and bears. Oh my! Some fathers couldn’t be there but other men stepped up to make the evening special for their girls. I saw so many smiles that night.

It really warmed my heart to see men love their girls in this way. I could see the excitement on the girl’s faces and how they lit up just to have their fathers show up.

Karalyn Friesen

father daughter 2

 father daughter 1

I have been blessed to be a prayer pal for the past ten years. It has meant a lot to me to lift our Sparks/Shine Girls in prayer. Some of them are young women now, making their way into adulthood. For the last few years I have taken on the responsibility of coordinating the Prayer Pal program. This year we had 59 girls and because sisters are assigned to the same prayer pal, we had 48 prayer pals. I am always blessed by how the women of our church step up to cheerfully serve as champions of our girls. Many of the Shine Girls come from unchurched homes and our Prayer Pals may be the only people who pray for some of our girls. I am encouraged by our Prayer Pal program and how it impacts our Shine Girls Club program.

Heidi Friesen

shine 1

shine 2

shine 3

shine 4

shine 5

shine 6

shine prayer pal

shine 7

shine gym

shine group action song

shine verse

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