Shine - Club Special

By Carolyn Wiebe

group 8

At Shine this year our theme is Treasures and we’ve had so much fun exploring a variety of treasures throughout the year. We started it off with having a rockhounding group come from Kelowna to do a presentation and show us their phenomenal collection. They brought out 15 boxes of amazing rocks they’ve found over the years.

Not familiar with the term “rockhounding?” Neither were we. Rockhounding is the recreational study and collection of rocks, gems, minerals, or fossils from their natural environments.

Throughout the fall and winter we’ve continued our treasure theme through breaking open geodes in our science station and baking cookies with treasures (mars bars) inside. We’ve taken plain old landscaping rocks and painted them with encouraging words to give to others, played pirate games in the gym, and painted signs with words to remind us that we are God’s treasure.

On January 10 we had a Shine party we called Club Special. The evening obviously had to include a treasure hunt so all the girls sprinted from the top of the building to the bottom looking for clues. We hoped to use up some of their superhuman energy but all we did was fill them full of adrenaline and completely drain our poor volunteers. Lesson learned.

My favourite part of Shine nights is always the end when we have what we call Large Group time. All of us come together to sing, dance, and talk about the things we are learning. We talked about seeing the beauty in others when it isn’t easy and treating them like the Treasure God made even if they aren’t acting like it.

The evening was very special and a lot of fun. Kids have such uncluttered understanding of God’s love. Their ideas are honest and I’m always blown away by their insights and the way God is working in their hearts.

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