Summer Games!

By Rebecca Penner

In the first week of August, the field at Glenfir was transformed into an Olympic playing field, filled with middle school youth from our church and wider community. Campers at SBC’s Summer Games camp were divided into four teams who competed throughout the week in a variety of events which included soccer, road hockey and capture the flag. Using sports as a launching point, we also hosted devotions, called “Coaches’ Corners”, talking about what it means to follow Christ and discussing sportsmanship, courage, perseverance and God’s love. It was a fantastic week and I’m sure that many of our youth are looking forward to participating again next year!

Reviews from participants:

"It was amazing! You got to do lots of different activities. There was also a devotion part as part of a break. My favourite part was the water fight at the very end."
Lily, camper

"Friday was my favourite part because we had a water fight. I wasn’t expecting that!"
Jason, camper

"It was a really cool way for kids to learn about God while playing sports! My favourite activity was field games and watching kids chuck the chicken. I also loved it when Cory and Danny dumped a whole bucket of water on Lee - that was good."
Rachel, camp volunteer

"It was so great to see our interns run a successful sports camp! Rebecca, Carson and Cory did a fantastic job creating and running this week long event that impacted middle school youth of our community. Such a great combination of organized sport like soccer and football and fun activities like ultimate Frisbee and field games. Great job team!"
Pastor Lee

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 Photo Credit: Erna Schram 

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