Our Amazing Summer Interns

SBC has been blessed over the last few years to have some amazing young people who come and work as summer interns. They serve tirelessly and pour into the lives of our children and youth. We recently touched base with them and asked a few questions. We thought you would be interested in their replies to these four questions:

1. What was your favourite part of being an intern at SBC?
2. What was the biggest thing you learned during your SBC internship?
3. What are you doing this Fall?
4. How can we continue to pray for you?

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Scott - C&F Intern

  1. My favorite Part of being an SBC intern was getting to know the staff at SBC and getting to connect/relate to all the kids at SBC Kids, Drop In’s and Summer Nights.
  2. The Biggest thing that I was able to learn during my time at SBC was how to plan and execute an event. I am really good being relational, but I am not gifted in planning so this summer having the opportunity to plan events under supervision gave me the chance to learn how one plans an event and weekly ministry.
  3. I am continuing on my journey of Bible school at Ambrose University which is in Calgary, AB. While I’m there I will be working on getting my Bachelor of Theology. I am majoring in Child and Family Ministry, and I will get a minor in Psychology.
  4. Prayer that I would need for this fall is that God continues to show me where he wants me to go and continues to equip me for the plans that he has. I would also like prayer for this coming school year, that it will be one of intentionality and that it will glorify God.

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Jackson – Youth Intern

  1. I was given a lot of freedom to explore ministry and what worked, and sometimes what didn't. This freedom is a great opportunity that you don't get at all jobs.
  2. I learned a lot about what I need when working in a team. Specifically, how important the need for clear communication is.
  3. In the fall Cailey and I are going back to Briercrest college to finish up our last year of college.
  4. You guys can pray that as Cailey and I finish up school that God gives us more clarity what the next step will be.

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Brin - High School Intern

  1. I loved being able to interact with the kids and help with all the behind the scenes work too.
  2. I learned that being constantly present in a kid’s life is really important!
  3. This fall I’m participating in the play at my school and still teaching preschool at the church.
  4. The best way you could pray for me this year is to just pray that I will continue to grow close in my relationship with God and shine His light into other people’s lives.

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Graham - High School Intern

  1. My favourite part of being an intern at SBC was the people I worked with. The other interns and the staff were all so kind and understanding of everything. The sense of community at SBC is very present.
  2. The biggest thing that I learned during my internship is that ministry work is tiring. Church work is hard, prepping/running all the programs, and everything else is a very big job and I give big props to anyone who does it full-time.
  3. In the Fall I'm working at Nester's and starting the 11th grade, which will be jammed packed but will be fun :).
  4. I would like prayer that my peers and I will have a good school year coming up. I would also like prayer that God would confirm my choices for after High-School, or shows me a different path soon.Thanks for a great summer!

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Rachel - High School Intern

  1. I loved doing sports camp. It was fun watching the kids running around with smiles on their faces
  2. I learned how to lead a small group in a way that gets everyone involved.
  3. In the fall, I will be going back to SSS (going into grade 12).
  4. Pray that God will work through me to show His light to the others around me.

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Cory - High School intern and College Intern (interned two summers)

  1. My favourite part of being an intern at SBC was sports camp and the relationships built with the youth and kids that came through programs on a regular basis.
  2. As an intern the biggest thing I learnt was how big and amazing our church is. There is always lots going on, much of which most people do not know about.
  3. In the Fall I will be returning to Kelowna for my second year at UBCO for my bachelor of science.
  4. My prayer request is for wisdom about choosing my major for my degree and looking into what I want to do in the future.

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Meg – High School Intern

  1. My favourite thing about being an intern at SBC was that I got to work with a supportive team that had the same belief system as me.
  2. SBC taught me many little things but working there let God reveal to me that I am meant to be an elementary school teacher.
  3. In the Fall I am going to Mexico to do volunteer work for 3 months.
  4. The one thing that I need prayer for most right now is clarity that I’m truly following God’s plan for me and not following my own plan.

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Bailey - High School Intern 

  1. My favorite part would be being able to hang out with kids and make really cool connections.
  2. The biggest thing I learned was that as an intern it requires unique skills, hard work, good communication, and a willingness to speak in front of large groups!
  3. I will continue to commit to training for volleyball and also working various jobs, when able.
  4. I would appreciate prayer for clarity and wisdom regarding what to do after High School.

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Cory, Meg, Katie (unfortunately we were unable to get a hold of with the questions) and Bailey

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Carson - Interned 2 Summers

  1. My favourite part of internship was co-leading youth nights, sports and VBS camp and building relationships with all the kids. I also enjoyed the times at staff meeting, joking around with Pastor Jack, Pastor Lee, and Pastor Larry.
  2. Biggest thing I learned about my internship is all the behind the scenes planning at staff meetings and running of events that the congregation doesn’t see during the week and the amount of planning and organization that takes place to run all the various programs.
  3. I am in the process of applying for YWAM Honolulu and doing a six month Discipleship Training School which will involve a three month missions trip overseas. After that I plan on applying for university.
  4. Continued prayer for direction in my life and the plans that God has for me.

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Rebecca - C&F and Youth Intern

  1. My favourite part about being an intern was getting to know everybody - youth, junior youth, Sunday schoolers, congregation members, and staff. SBC has two incredible youth groups - I loved their energy and willingness to get involved in the life and mission of the church :) It was also fun to have two junior interns - I loved the ideas they had!
  2. I learned that youth can be incredibly passionate about service, and that it is important to invite them to join in with Kingdom work. I also learned that youth ministry is about the church ministering together in the lives of youth - it is not a “one man show.” I also learned just how important it is to listen to where God is calling in life!
  3. I graduated my undergrad in April and am beginning my first full time youth ministry position at Bethany Mennonite Church.
  4. Please pray that God will give me wisdom as I follow my call to ministry, and serve in the lives of youth.

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Cory, Rebecca and Carson

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