Summer Reflections - Brinay

By Brinay Burdick

Our Summer Interns blew us away with their ability to plan, manage, work hard and more importantly connect with and invest in our children and youth. What a blessing they have been to us as staff and to the adults, kids and youth they worked along side. We thought you'd enjoy hearing about what the summer meant to them, so this week we will publish a blog post each day written by each of our interns. Next up, Brinay!

Brinays photo for intern blogMy experience at Summerland Baptist Church as an intern has been really great! I have really enjoyed building relationships with the kids that come in, and show them God’s love and that they are welcome here. Having that relationship with the kids is so cool, because then you are not just someone who has to look after them while they're at a drop in, but you are their friend and someone that they can look up to.

I have learned that when you are hangout out with lots of kids all the time, you have to get down to their level and any pride that you have about yourself gets thrown out the window. But there is so much beauty in that! Because now you can get right in there with the kids and love on them completely.

Something that I learned to be really important, was to pray at the beginning of each drop in or camp. Because including God is so important to do on a daily basis. There were multiple times when I was really tired but would still run around with the kids not knowing where this burst of energy came from. But reflecting on that, I can see that it was God who gave me that energy because we can’t do any of this on our own strength.

It has been so cool to see God working in these kids’ hearts and lives, and such an encouragement when I see some of them start to come to church. I really thank God for this opportunity to become an intern. It has been so great for me to get connected with the church again and build into kids’ lives.

Brinay Burdick

interns floating

Summer Interns photo 2019

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  • Barbara Norris

    09 September 2019 at 08:59 | #

    Way to go, getting in there with kids ,such an influence for them and they will remember the love and witness you gave out. Thankyou.


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