Summer Nights: AMPED

By Bree Young

summer nights teaser for wufoo 5 

Summer Nights: AMPED was...

Electrifyingly fun 

IMG 0435


IMG 0712

Games were epically messy and intense

IMG 0884

IMG 0893

Arts & crafts extremely impressive

IMG 0494

Action songs were outrageous

IMG 0437

Small groups were EPIC

IMG 0335

IMG 0277

IMG 0303

IMG 0351

 IMG 0791

Volunteers were awe-inspiring

IMG 0798

IMG 0765

IMG 0773

Snacks were phenomenal

IMG 0351

Friday night BBQ with parents and families was unbelievably fun

IMG 0853

Sharing it all with our church family on Sunday was terrific

IMG 1022

Finally, learning about how God wants each of us to live FULLY alive was Inspiring

IMG 0837

IMG 0744 1


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