By Stephanie Erdt

One day recently while teaching Playschool here at Summerland Baptist, the kids inspired me! It was clean up time, which is a challenge for this group. On the whole they dislike transitioning to the NEXT activity. Although this is normal, age-appropriate behavior for a preschool age child, this class finds it a little harder. On this inspiring day, a group of kids picked up the lego and decided to be a TEAM to carry the box to the shelf. Five little ones held onto the sides of the big box and together chanted, "TEAMWORK, TEAMWORK, TEAMWORK!" as they returned it to the shelf. They slam dunked clean up time!

This made me think of the challenges and transitions that we face in life. How we too are like preschoolers and dislike these tensions. If we walk through life alone, pushing people to the side, keeping our lives closed and safe, we struggle. Lack of community brings loneliness. Through challenges and transitions that life brings, we need TEAMWORK! We need others to lean on, to come alongside us. We need support and love and grace. There are also other times where we provide that for someone else. Summerland Baptist Church is waiting to be on your TEAM! Want to join?

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