The Best

By Wendy Nixon

Well I think we can all agree that it was a looong winter. One of the wonderful things about working with preschoolers is they never complain about the weather.

We made every snow craft possible. We painted snow, made snowflake hand puppets, snowman names, made edible snowmen from popcorn and marshmallows. We sang about snow and played in snow centres. It was a lot of snowy fun.

colored snow

snowmen zoe

snowmen dress up

snowmen bulletin board

snowmen malaya

Along with the snow we also mixed in some character qualities like compassion and helping others. These qualities came very naturally to most. They really try to help each other. ( sometimes a bit too much) We read a story called” A sick day for Amos McGee” about compassion, then we role played some ways to show compassion to our special bear. I wish everyone could see the care our bear was given. He was cuddled and covered, given tea, read to and given lots of “God Hugs” as one of our preschoolers named them.

special bear

So back to the weather. I wondered why the playschoolers took it all in stride and didn’t complain. I think it may come from the trust they have in the world. They live in the moment. They trust that they are safe, that their basic needs will be met. They have wonderful families who love and adore them and the unconditional love of God. What a precious gift.

group cupcakes

playing with snow

I learn a lot from these little people. We can all feel safe and secure in God. He loves and cares for us no matter the weather.

The Best Collage C


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