The Celebration Continues!

By Pastor Mikel

SSS Grad 2013cThis graduation season, SBC youth were very busy helping with many of the celebrations for this year’s Graduates. I had the privilege of participating in the graduation ceremonies for Penticton High School, Princess Margaret High School and Summerland Secondary School. In total I spent 10 ½ hours watching graduation ceremonies, however, all that sitting was worth it when I was able to surprise and bless three of our SBC youth graduates with bursaries for further education. This year we gave a bursary to Evan Erdt, Alison Rupitz and Abigail Winstone. Unlike most of the presenters, it was a real privilege to actually know the recipients and to join with the Grads in celebration. Personally, I don’t know what surprised them more; receiving the bursary or seeing their youth pastor in a suit?



SSS Grad 2013b

This year, Craig Meadow and I were also asked to help out with the Summerland Secondary School’s Dry Grad. Craig helped with running the sound and lights in the community theater for part of the dry grad. And I had the distinct honor of coming in at 1:00 am, that’s right, 1 o’clock in the morning, to help run a game of volleyball with 100 students and my eight-foot wide beach ball. The game went over extremely well and I was pleased to see so many students from so many different groups participating together. It would seem that differences disappear when an eight-foot ball is flying in your direction.


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