Mexico Bound!

By Pastor Mikel

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As many of you probably know, Sarah and I have made a life changing decision recently. We have decided to pursue God’s call on our lives to move to Mexico as missionaries. Over the last year, I have been working with One Life One Chance, a Canadian mission organization that works in San Quintin, Mexico just south of Ensenada. One Life Once Chance is a Canadian based organization that seeks to work alongside indigenous ministries to grow the Christian church and serve the community by empowering the local people. Their goal is to mobilize Christians to demonstrate the mercy, justice, and reconciliation of Jesus Christ in Mexico and throughout the world.

Currently, they are completing their work on the House of Refuge, a home to rescue children that have been sold into human trafficking. In 2010, it was estimated that 1.2 million people were victims of Human Trafficking in Mexico . Unfortunately, in San Quintin there is a practice of selling children when families become financially desperate. It must be heartbreaking for a parent to consider selling a child and utterly tragic for the children to experience been sold to someone. This practice is illegal in Mexico and the social services recognize that this is happening; they have expressed that they would intervene if they had a safe place to move these children too. Through OLOC’s work in the community with local churches and social services, they have committed to building the House of Refuge as a home for these children to live and begin restoration after being removed from these types of abusive circumstances. 

OLOC is nearing completion and hopes to have children living in the House of Refuge by the fall. This is where we come in. In order to welcome children into the House of Refuge they need to have house parents in place. I have known about this need for a while and have been praying about it. Recently, as I discussed our churches upcoming mission trip with the director of OLOC, he asked, “So when are you moving down to Mexico?”And in that moment, the call was clear. We will be taking on the role of temporary house parents for the House of Refuge until they can find a Mexican couple to take this on permanently. After a permanent Mexican couple is found, we will continue to help with the House of Refuge from a management role and continue the partnership with the Mexican social services. In addition, OLOC has asked me to help meet the need of local pastors who desire more equipping and resources to be able to make a bigger impact on their local communities. Many pastors in San Quintin do not have any formal pastoral training. Sarah is looking being involved in the development of the educational program for the children living at the House of Refuge as well.

Both Sarah and I, and our kids, are excited about this adventure that God is calling us on. Sarah reminded me that our first conversation ever was about building homes in Mexico and since then, combined, we have participated in approximately 30 mission trips to Mexico. We admit that at times we think that we are out of our minds for considering this, yet God continues to provide encouragement to us on a daily basis that this is indeed His plan. Your prayers and encouragement are welcome as we step out in faith.

This position will be a missionary position, which means that we will have raise all of our financial support in order for this to happen. It’s an act of trust to connect with people and share the mission God has provided and ask them to support us financially. God is stretching me to know that if God is calling us to do this, then he will also provide the provision necessary to accomplish it. It is now a faith journey to seek and discover how God intends to meet these needs. If you share a sense of God’s call to come alongside us in this new adventure through financial support, you can donate through OLOC by clicking here

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