Greetings from Mexico!

By Pastor Lee Young

Greetings from Mexico!

The ministry is finally underway and the travel is now behind us. We had uneventful airport stops, flights and border crossings. Things went very smoothly and we arrived in San Diego for our first day! We had the chance to swim in the ocean, walk the beach, go for seafood and get to bed early for a great sleep.

Sunday was a travel day to Mexico and once again the border crossing and travel was smooth… except for the bouncing bus ride that almost tossed a few out of their seats! Sunday evening was for settling in and enjoying the surroundings of the Los Olivos base and our beautiful Hotel Jardines.

Monday was all about getting started on the house builds. We had a great breakfast followed by a short orientation of the staff here at the base. The One Life One Chance staff are great to work with and have guided us every step of the way. We have started the two house builds and progress is happening very quickly. With the experienced framers we have, plus the staff at OLOC, we kept everyone busy for most of the day. We had students jump in and start hammering and working the chop saw within minutes of the onsite orientation.

This crew of students and adults has been a pleasure to work and travel with. They are hardworking and yet sensitive to the needs of others around them. We hope to have a few youth blog about their experiences and what God is teaching them so please check back everyday for pictures and updates!

Pastor Lee


building 1

building 2

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  • Betty June Steffensen

    30 March 2017 at 17:30 | #

    So glad that you all arrived safe and sound.
    I am excited that you are "getting dirty" for God!!
    Great Work. God Bless your team for sure.
    Blessings from
    Betty June Steffensen "Granny"


  • Heather Greiner

    29 March 2017 at 07:01 | #

    Way to go everyone! Praying for you.


  • Dianne Holland

    28 March 2017 at 14:12 | #

    Super!! God is at work through you guys!


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