Time for Pie!

By Delaney McKelvey

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It's that time of year again! The Mexico Mission Youth team has been selling pies for the past month and the day had finally come to make all the pies. 

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The pie making day started off pretty early, (for me at least!) at 8:00 am. The gym was transformed into a pie making factory, with multiple stations for the pie making process. Apple peelers, apple cutters, pie fillers, dough rollers, and crust pinchers. Many different options to choose from! The day lasted until around 5:30 pm, so it was nice to be able to go from station to station throughout the day. My personal favourite was pinching the crust of the pies.

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It was really neat to see all the people who came to help. There were quite a few people who came that aren’t even going on the trip, but they came anyways and we are very thankful for them!

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For me, and others, it is a fun experience, but also a very exhausting one. Nine hours of making pies can be tiring! But it is definitely worth it when we have our end goal in mind, which is helping others in need in Mexico.

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pies 33

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Overall, we made a total of 852 pies! Definitely something to be proud of! Thank you to everyone who helped! Enjoy your pies smiley emoticon

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