Tulahead Work Day!

A group of SBC volunteers went to Camp Tulahead in Princeton on Saturday, April 11. From little ones to seniors, everyone pitched in and tackled several different projects to help get the camp ready for summer.

Ken and Jenny Kunka were working on prepping an area for sod and cleaning up the bank - leaving perennials intact. Working alongside them were their kids; Adleigh, Peter, Makenna and Makenna's friend, Kenya.

tulahead 2

tulahead 3

tulahead 4

tulahead 5

tulahead 1

Jim Hunt and Bob Brown were working on the cap for the Memorial gazebo they built last Fall.

tulahead 6

Dave Gartrell and Jack Borchert were staining the gazebo.

tulahead 7

tulahead 8

Fred Lindsay and Ed Thiesen were sanding and painting picnic tables.

tulahead 9

Christie and Megan Thiesen and MANY others were raking leaves and piling them on a trailer behind the tractor (the kids loved riding on the trailer).

tulahead 10

tulahead 11

tulahead 12

tulahead 14

tulahead 15

We were well fed by the staff. Adleigh chose to sit beside Jack. (Adleigh, are you tickling Pastor Jack?)

tulahead 13

Shaun Johnston had a massive fire going in the field to burn the winter kill.

tulahead 17

Grant and Angela painted one of the buildings on Main Street.

tulahead 18

Swings were hung in the gazebo/firepit by the lake - notice the weather coming in.

tulahead 19b

tulahead 21

End of the day tools - resting!

tulahead 20

The tools weren't the only thing done for the day... Adleigh was asleep within minutes of getting in the car!

tulahead 22

It was a great day of work, food and fellowship. The power went out right after breakfast (a tree fell on the power line down the road) so no power tools for the guys until they got a generator going in the afternoon. Snow fell in between sunny skies. The kids all had a blast and are all excited to go back for their week at camp!


Photo Credit: Cheri Peters (Thanks, Cheri, for taking these awesome photos and sending in all the details about the day! Sounds like a lot of fun... but where are the pictures of YOU?)

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