Valentine Date Night in a Box

We had 18 couples sign up for Valentine’s Date Night in a Box. Each couple received a box that contained goodies such as Valentines Day cards, chocolates, conversation questions, tattoos and more. Below are the instructions each couple received and some pictures for you to enjoy.

mandy kissing


STEP 1: Head to the restaurant you have made a reservation at. Once you have arrived, take time for a 30 second kiss. When you are seated for dinner and have ordered your food you have three activities:

1. Choose a Valentine’s day card and write a special message to each other.

2. Take out the dinner conversation questions. These questions are designed to be answered by both of you. For example:

What is your spouse’s favorite color? You answer pink. Then your spouse either agrees with your answer or answers with a different color. Then switch who is doing the asking.

3. Take a picture of the two of you. We would love to see it! When you post it use the hashtag #sbcdatenight

luke and melissa insta

mah insta

mandy insta

STEP 2: 8:00 pm - Return to SBC and join other couples for pool, air hockey, soft jazz and an Italian soda bar.

karen and brian


bree and Lee

ken and jenny

kissing 1

luke and melissa

carolyn and justin

STEP 3: 9:00 pm - Put on your dancing shoes. Phil and Shelley Jakobson will teach couples the beginner two step.


travis and karen dancing

Remember the request to send me your “song?” Throughout the night, we will be playing your songs. You might even get the chance to dance to it.

Here are a few of the songs that were played:

Luke & Melissa - Right Here Waiting for you by Richard Marx

Ken & Jenny - A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Louis Armstrong

Pat & Dianne- Sing your Praise to the Lord by Amy Grant

Deepak & Mandy - Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge

 STEP 4: 10:00pm – Time to go home. This is a great time to find a special place for your tattoos, eat your chocolate and to give each other your Valentine’s day cards.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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