Watoto Ugandan Children`s Choir

By Pastor Del Riemer


On Sunday, July 2, a large bus pulled up to the SBC door and out spilled an excited group of Ugandan childre and adults along with PA equipment, lights, costumes, CD’s and goods to sell. WATOTO had arrived! The afternoon was spent setting up the stage (utilizing many SBC volunteers) and merchandise tables while the kids took a nap and finally joined us in the Gym for supper that was lovingly prepared by a team of our tireless church ladies!. The children even lined up after the meal to sing a wonderful song of thanks.





That evening we were treated to a passionate and creative presentation of the Gospel as only these kids and their ‘Uncles and Aunties’ could. The concert was followed by our SBC organizing team matching up all the children and chaperones with host families who had volunteered to take them home for 2 nights of 'Canadian Family Exposure’! What a great opportunity to be reminded of the richness of the global family of God, and to embrace our brothers and sisters (young and old) with the love of Jesus. We are all the richer for this experience. Below you can read testimonials of those who hosted the kids and note the impact of being involved in such an initiative.

Pressed down, shaken together, and running over…

Pastor Del


“We had the privilege of hosting two amazing African girls and their Aunty! We went into this situation with the intension of doing God’s work and loving on His people. I can’t even say in words how backwards that notion was. We were the ones being blessed! These lovely ladies spent only 2 evenings and one day with us and we felt so connected, it’s really hard to explain! Aunty Mercy taught us to make an authentic African meal! Probably the best meal, we have ever had! I have been making amazing rice ever since! P.S. apparently we boil everything in Canada, and we really shouldn’t, because we have all of the spices we could ever want at our finger tips! We had another family, close friends, join us for our meal, and they were welcomed with open arms! Kaila, the Mom in the family, even got treated to hair braids! This is just the tip of the ice berg, we are planning a trip to Uganda in 2019 to meet up with them again! We have even been blessed enough to be in contact with a local dentist office, Dr. & Hygienists, willing to travel with us to help in anyway they can! God is so good! “   Heather Readman

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"They were easy to get along with, very polite, kind and comfortable to be around."
"We enjoyed the music and invited our transient friends to come, who did so and found it impacting and enjoyed it very much!"
"Knowing their position as orphans, and yet seeing their contentment and dependency on the Lord was very encouraging to see!   
The Burdick Family

“I was truly impressed with the politeness and the free sharing of hugs from the Watoto children. It was apparent they really love what they are doing and it was evident in their presentation and their everyday conversation. The adults were extremely organized and ran the whole huge setup and take down super efficiently. They verbally expressed genuine appreciation for those  who stepped up to volunteer. And, they'd love to return to SBC!”   Dianne Holland

God bless you and your team pastor Del. Thank you for having the choir while they travelled through the area.  Your team really are just a fantastic bunch of people!  Celeste Guarino - Tour Coordinator -  Watoto Canada



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