What's Knocking?

By Pastor Mikel Laurie


The other morning as I got to my office, I noticed a peeping sound coming from the window next to my desk. I noticed that it was a quail. Which is weird, my office is right next to South Victoria Road, one of the busiest streets in Summerland. Now, I have learned to pause when I notice strange things. A treasured friend taught me to ask the question, “If this was a dream, what would it mean?” I have often found that God likes to talk symbolically to me and that he enjoys presenting situations like this and allowing me to delve into them.

“The Hebrew term translated “quail” in the Old Testament is found only in connection with God’s provision of food for Israel in the wilderness (Exod. 16:13; Num. 11:31–32; Ps. 105:40). ” If you recall, after the people of Israel were freed from slavery in Egypt they wandered the desert for a generation. During their wilderness wandering, God would send quail for them to eat. As I pondered that quail are associated with God’s provision all of a sudden I was hit with, “God’s provision is knocking at my window.” Wow, those words spoke directly to my heart and immediately transformed me. I tangibly felt God’s peace in the knowledge that no matter what I experience, no matter where I go, no matter what stress I face, God will provide his provision. How about you? Does that truth resonate in your heart? What’s knocking at your window? As you enjoy this summer and observe all the quail wandering all over town, let God remind you of his provision.


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