What You Do!

By Pastor Del

sequoias-for-blogI love that Jesus' Disciples were ordinary guys that liked to fish! That’s where Jesus found them, and after the Crucifixion, that’s where they returned. I think Jesus must have enjoyed fishing too (although he didn’t need a net to catch them, he could just step on them as he walked by!) After all, in John 21:9-12, while the guys are fishing in the boat, a freshly resurrected Jesus has already caught fish and was cooking it on a campfire on the beach for their breakfast. Hmmm, so God can even use ‘fishing’ to get people’s attention!

Recently, I returned from 2 weeks and 7,000 km on my motorcycle with our SBC motorcycle group called “Roadsalt Riders”. Eight of us were transfixed as we rode through incredible portions of God’s creation, intentionally encouraged each person we rubbed shoulders with, shared our hearts around camp meals, morning devotionals and campfires, and sharpened each other as men! On our trip, we experienced many varieties of pie, a great little church in Lake Tahoe CA, the world’s largest trees (giant Sequoias) in Yosemite National Park waterfalls and rivers, winding canyon roads, natural hot springs, some mechanical breakdowns, friendly camping neighbors and those who snore like chainsaws! Motorcycling... not very spiritual right? On the contrary, God loves to use ‘what we do’ as the platform for revealing His heart to us and those we connect with. Every one of those experiences was a potential lesson, opportunity or connection point for us to see Christ involved and evident in what we do! Our Roadsalt focus scripture is Colossians 4:5-6 which says in part: “make the most of every opportunity, season your words with salt, so that you can know how to respond to each person”. We have a multitude of daily opportunities in the midst of work, play, relationship, hobby, and personal interests. Don’t waste any of these, but let Jesus season every circumstance and activity with His life in you. What do you do and enjoy... that Jesus could use?


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