When Church and Family Collide

By Bree Young

A few months ago, we held a family service where kids and adults all worshipped together and adults got a glimpse into what goes on downstairs after the kids leave the service. Bree and the C&F team also did an amazing job of explaining and demonstrating why Orange is more than just a colour and what happens when Families (red) and Church (yellow) collide!

collide 5We use the color ORANGE to illustrate the strategy we use here at Summerland Baptist Church.

We believe that all families matter.

Not just the family that
Is a married couple
With two or more biological children
Who never fight about finances
collide 6Have weekly family devotions
And teenagers who listen to worship music

We define family as
Every person who is raising, nurturing, and parenting a child or teenager 
God designed the family to nurture the HEARTS of children

The family has the most potential to influence a child’s relationship with God
collide 7The amount an average parent gets to spend with their kids is 3000 hours a year

No one has more potential than a parent/caregiver/grandparent to influence a child
No one will spend more time
collide 8Or loving that kid more than their family

All Families matter at SBC

We are Summerland Baptist Church.
A vibrant, multi-generational church family committed to following Jesus together. We believe that every person and situation can be transformed by Jesus Christ and therefore we are dedicated to reaching, deepening and restoring as we follow him.
God designed the church to shine the LIGHT OF JESUS
collide 9Church matters

When the church and family
Collide and
Work together we have a greater influence on the next generation

Two combined influences have a bigger impact than just two influences
The church as an average of 40 hours to invest in a Child’s heart and life in a year
Our time is limited so we maximize it by
family and the church
Partnered together
The church has the most potential to influence a family

Our potential to influence a child increases significantly
By partnering with parents
So when you think ORANGE
Think about church and family working together

Together we follow Jesus
We don’t have to feel alone
We have a plan 
We will help each other
We will encourage each other
We will win together
We have the hope of Jesus

collide 1

collide 2

collide 4

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