By Pastor Larry

wisdomWe live in a time when dysfunction has become normal. How bad is it? We don't even have the ability to know it is bad. Broke, sick, depressed and complex has become our new normal.

That is why we need wisdom.

We don't need more information. We have more information available to us than any previous culture in history. With a few clicks of a button we can access more information than the ancients would master in a lifetime of learning. Yet all of this information has not improved our lives in any meaningful way. Instead, many of us struggle with analysis paralysis from too much information.

We certainly don't need more opinions. The Internet is proof that everyone has an opinion and a platform from which to express it. Most of these opinions are really not helpful; indeed many of them confirm the truism that IQ tests should be administered before anyone is allowed to start a blog. The new normal is proof of how foolish these opinions often are.

We don't need more information and we don't need more opinions; we need wisdom.

Wisdom is knowing how to stop and avoid the foolishness. It is knowing what to do and how to do it. It is pursuing a new normal that is not broke, sick, depressed and complex. It is being willing to say I am going to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. Many of us know we desperately need it. What we don't know is where to get it.

The ancients however knew where to get wisdom. They turned to prayer and the Holy Scriptures. For thousands of years, wise people did two simple things when they needed wisdom. They asked God for it (James 1: 5) and they read the words of the Bible. It is an ancient yet timeless book filled with insights and best of all, it promises us wisdom (Proverbs 1:2). Not information, not opinions and not a new dysfunctional normal. Instead, it offers real wisdom with a life- giving dose of grace. As a father, grandfather, husband, friend and leader I need wisdom. I hunger for it because life is complex and foolishness comes easily. So every day I ask for it and read the book. If you want a new normal that is not broke, complex and dysfunctional this is your starting point: prayer and the Bible.

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