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By Pastor Del Riemer

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The word Partnership is defined in the dictionary as: the state or condition of being in association for joint interest”

We at Summerland Baptist Church are committed to partnering with parents, grandparents and individuals for the purpose of passing on a legacy of life and truth from one generation to the next. This obviously involves a wide demographic of people who through association, join together to pursue a common interest or goal. That goal is to let the Light of the World (Jesus: John 8:12) shine through all of us to illuminate a dark culture and world.

‘Better Together’ is a program which was initiated 5 years ago at SBC to connect young families with an older couple or single individual who would walk through life with them, assisting in anything from celebrating birthdays, occasional child care, practical assistance, encouragement and counsel. These connections are responsible for the enrichment of both the families as well as the older sponsors. If you watch carefully on Sunday mornings at SBC, you will see families and children hugging and engaging with their ‘surrogate’ Grandparents. (who are usually ‘beaming’ with joy and thankfulness! Just watch Leo Mahon run to ‘Papa’ Dan Virgint with a big, huge smile sometime!)

In early July we held a Summer BBQ (sponsored by our Beacon/Adult Ministries Department) to celebrate these ‘Better Together’ partnerships at the Harvelle House B&B Farm & Property. Our evening started with a scrumptious BBQ meal and was followed by: horse-drawn wagon rides, face painting & balloon animals by Larabelle the Clown, old fashioned kids races & games and a sing-a-long and sharing time.

What a joy to see kids run to, and play with, their ‘Better Together’ Grandparents who have built deep relationships with their young family through rich times of connection and celebration over the past year.

The sharing time at the BBQ event highlighted both Family’s and Sponsors testimonials of the deep value of their connections and how they were ‘better’ for being ‘together’!

At present we have 13 Young families and 13 ‘Grandparents’ connected within the Better Together program, but at SBC we have over 65 young families and even more Grandarent age adults who could each benefit from such a partnership. Would you consider becoming a significant part of one other family’s life for the coming year? (New season starts in September).

To register for the Better Together sponsorship program and for more information, just CLICK HERE. Once we have your information, we (as a staff team) pray for God’s direction in connecting the right family’s together, and then inform you of your family/sponsor. Once you meet for the first time, you can discuss how your partnership will look so that it is manageable and valuable for both sides. There are no expectations or time commitments, and we don’t keep tabs on you. Our desire is for this to be an enriching and beneficial experience for both parties.

Why not join us? We really are… Better Together!

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