Summer Reflections - Nathan

By Nathan Barg

Our Summer Interns blew us away with their ability to plan, manage, work hard and more importantly connect with and invest in our children and youth. What a blessing they have been to us as staff and to the adults, kids and youth they worked along side. We thought you'd enjoy hearing about what the summer meant to them, so this week we will publish a blog post each day written by each of our interns. Today we start with Nathan!

Nathan Barg picFor the past four months I have had the honour and blessing to intern with the Youth and Children & Families departments here at SBC. I’ve been coming to this church my whole life, and throughout the years I’ve had opportunities to be in plays and skits, musical productions, volunteer with two year olds, come to youth group then volunteering as a high school leader, to being small group leaders to grade fours all the way up to young adults and helping with some summer programs. I’ve done all those things at one point or another, but let me tell you, being an intern was a whole different experience altogether!

My first week as one of the senior interns paints a good picture of my time here this summer. I showed up on a Wednesday morning, (after 2 days of working my other job as a carpenter,) I got a package of paperwork to fill out like any normal first day. After taking a couple of hours to fill it all out, I sit down with Pastor Lee and to paraphrase he said: “Our Man2Man event is on Friday. Here’s a general outline of what you might do. You plan this and execute it.” After a few minutes of internal panic, I got to work and two days later, with a team of volunteers, we put on a successful event that connected our middle school boys to some of the men in our church family. 

Though it felt like I was being thrown into the deep end, Pastor Lee knew I could swim so he knew it would be alright. That’s one of the biggest things I have loved about this internship. Be it Pastor Lee, Bree, Tianna, Carolyn or whomever it was giving us interns direction, I always knew that they were building into me and not giving me more than I could handle. I started the summer as the only intern, and slowly the other four interns started and we started a team. We all brought different skills and talents and perspectives to the different events and activities we planned together. We started off as interns but through the summer Brin, Delaney, Brinay and Zack have become more that just coworkers, they’re family now. 

This internship has brought me so much growth and I’ve learned a lot about how I interact and lead as part of a team and I’m so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to be a part of it this summer. I’m grateful to God and to you Church family for this chance to grow in my faith and as a leader in the church. I won’t forget this summer!

Nathan Barg

Summer Interns photo 2019

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  • Barbara Norris

    09 September 2019 at 08:49 | #

    Thankyou Nathan for all your energy and role modeling to the kids. Oona came and enjoyed Power up in the park and her big Brother Hassin came on the Sunday to see you all on stage and doing your dancing.I am praying he will come to learn of God more as he enjoyed Tulahead immensely too.You are a real blessing to us all


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