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Father’s Heart Projects' primary ministry involvement is in Kisumu, Kenya and includes a Child Sponsorship Project, a Widow Sponsorship Project, and The Father’s Heart Primary School Project.

The funds sent to Father's Heart Projects are raised through our annual Harvest Pie Fundraiser held each November as well as contributions from our SBC Missions Board. The following outlines how the funds we have raised have, and will, support the Father's Heart School in Kisumu Kenya.

In 2013 we were able to raise enough funds for a water well for the Father's Heart School. We are so grateful that the children now have access to clean water for drinking, washing and preparation of their daily meal at lunch.

FH School
Father's Heart School

FH well
The new well

In 2014, money was raised which enabled the first group of students who completed their elementary years (grade 8) at Father's Heart school to continue on with a high school education. A major key to breaking the cycle of poverty is a high school diploma, enabling students to pursue further training and receive gainful employment.

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Currently we are raising money to help support teachers' salaries. It is a constant struggle retaining the teaching staff at Father's Heart School, a private Christian school. While the conditions in the public schools are deplorable (80 students to 1 teacher), the teachers can make a better salary there. It is difficult for Father's Heart School to attract and retain teaching staff when they can earn more elsewhere. This year the funds we raise will help to boost the salaries they can offer their teachers.

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Thankyou for your continued generous support both financially and in prayer.

The video below shows some of the students who graduated from grade 8 at the FHP school. 


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