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Reminiscing About Ignite

  • By Tianna Riemer
Thursday, 13 June 2019

At Ignite this year, we’ve played ridiculous games, celebrated holidays, been part of a mission trip and grown. Of these things, the most unique to this year is the growth. In what ways have we grown you ask? Let me count the ways:

1. More Volunteers! At the beginning of the school year we had some fresh faces join us as volunteers. These individuals consistently showed up to connect, learn and have fun with our high schoolers. I am convinced that this is the main reason for our other areas of growth...

Mexico 2019 Highlights

Thursday, 11 April 2019

During Spring Break, 39 youth and adults headed to San Quintin, Mexico to serve, build, teach and love. Here are the highlights from a few of our team members...

Going to Mexico was such an amazing experience yet again. I had the opportunity to go to San Quintin two years ago as well as this year. Going back this year was a lot different than the first time I went for many reasons. I got to try so many things including teaching CPR and First Aid at some local middle schools and high schools...

2019 Family Plan

Wednesday, 02 January 2019

WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR. Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing—didn’t we just do this? 2019 is going to happen, whether you plan for it or not. But what if this next year didn’t just happen? What if you had a plan, some intentionality driving your times together? This activity is designed to help you do that. We want you to come up with a plan for your family, not ours, not someone else’s. But a plan that fits who your family is — what you like to do, who you want to be...

Equipping for the Future

Thursday, 01 November 2018

Our youth department is a big fan of the Canadian Youth Workers Conference. Eight of them joined together with all kinds of youth workers from the BC interior, on October 26 & 27 for the first of eight stops across Canada. They all found it both inspiring and applicable. Parts of this conference are highly collaborative and they even had the chance to share about what God is doing in Summerland a few times!

SERVE-ing in Kamloops

  • By Janae Hoel
Thursday, 30 August 2018

A little over a month ago, a group of 14 youth and 4 leaders from SBC went to Kamloops to join youth groups from across Western Canada at “Serve 2018”, to serve the city of Kamloops and the surrounding area for a week. Our team from SBC was assigned two different jobs for two days each. The first was helping an older gentleman who had gone through recent personal loss and was struggling with his health, to fix up his yard, organize his garage, and help out with a few things around the house. Our second assignment was being 18 extra sets of hands at the Kamloops Food Bank. Our tasks there included packing hampers, sorting produce and baked items, categorizing boxes, cleaning parts of the building, and interacting and serving those who came to use the services the Food Bank offered...

Better Together Includes... Who?

  • By Pastor Del Riemer
Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Many of you will know about our SBC ‘Better Together’ program which connects older people in our church family (empty nest couples and singles) with a young family with children. This initiative has been operating for 4 years now and currently we have 22 sponsorship connections which serve to enrich the young families by celebrating special events, looking after children so mom and dad can have a ‘date night’, mentorship, prayer, practical assistance and encouragement...

Pumpkin Olympics!

  • By Pastor Lee
Monday, 20 November 2017

We had an amazing time once again at our annual Pumpkin Olympics event. We had 71 youth and adults attend this year which is the highest it's been since I have been here. We spent our time carving pumpkins, trying to find the elusive golden pumpkin and then we took our carved pumpkins and smashed them...

IMPACT Sports Camp

  • By Pastor Lee
Wednesday, 06 September 2017

Sports camp was very successful again this summer! We had just under 40 youth come out to the week long camp that included sports and activities like basketball, soccer, football, capture the flag, slip and slide baseball and a beach day!!

A huge thank you to our summer interns (Katie, Meg, Cory and Bailey) who planned and ran this event with excellence and excitement!. They took on the lions share of the planning and execution and I couldn’t have been prouder of them...

Mexico Highlights Part 2

Thursday, 02 May 2019

I got the opportunity to go to VBS all three days, and I was able to connect with so many kids and to work one on one. Getting the chance to make a difference in these kids lives made me forget about my worries back home, and to not worry about the little things. This trip taught me a lot about God, friendships and what we have back home, we shouldn't take for granted. I recommend this trip for anyone who was the chance to go, because you won't have any other experience like this one...

It's Just a Phase, So Don't Miss It

  • Pastor Lee Young
Friday, 23 November 2018

A phase is a time frame in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence a kid’s future.

Every one of us can point to somebody who showed up to make a difference in the different phases of our life. And because someone showed up for us, we can show up for somebody who needs us now in whatever phase they’re in. One of the best ways to show up is to understand the six things every kid and teenager needs.

Our Amazing Summer Interns

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

SBC has been blessed over the last few years to have some amazing young people who come and work as summer interns. They serve tirelessly and pour into the lives of our children and youth. We recently touched base with them and asked a few questions. We thought you would be interested in their replies to these four questions:

1. What was your favourite part of being an intern at SBC?
2. What was the biggest thing you learned during your SBC internship?
3. What are you doing this Fall?
4. How can we continue to pray for you?

Red Carpet 2018

  • By Delaney McKelvey
Wednesday, 04 July 2018

The Red Carpet event this year for me was a little different, and I was able to witness the night from a completely different perspective! The past couple years I’ve been able to be a part of the planning and designing team for the night, however this year, since I was still away at school, I missed out on that part. But I was so honoured and thankful to have been asked to be the speaker for the night! Something that is totally out of my comfort zone, but as I’ve grown and been challenged this year at school I’ve chosen to step out in boldness in some areas that scare me, this being one of them...

Family Camp 2017

  • By Colleen Mah
Thursday, 28 September 2017

3:00PM Friday: Yay!! It's here, family camp weekend; my girls and I look forward to this all year. A chance to just get away and spend time with our church family. So, we rush home after work and school to get ready to go. I am feeling so disorganized this week; I work at Summerland Secondary School so it was back to work for me as well as back to school for Kailee and Mackenzie and it's been hard to get back into the routine!

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