Build Your Kingdom Here

By Delaney McKelvey

Rend 1

This past weekend I was blessed to be able to go to Spokane to see one of my favorite bands in concert, Rend Collective. Over the past year we’ve been listening to their music at youth group, and as soon as we heard they were having a concert somewhat close to us we knew we needed to make this happen.

A group of about 20 middle school girls and a few highschool girls travelled the 5 hour drive to Spokane, but with us girls together, it didn’t feel nearly as long. As soon as we got there, (after a quick stop at Starbucks of course) we made our way over to Olive Garden for a delicious meal of pasta, and how could I forget, plenty of breadsticks to go around! After our meal, which left us stuffed might I add, we were all buzzing with excitement for the concert. 

Driving up to the concert we were amazed at how many cars were parked, and couldn’t wait to get inside to get seats! We snagged the last empty pew and managed to find everyone a spot, whether it be on the ground level, or the mezzanine up top.

Rend 2

The concert began soon after with some amazing opening acts, Moriah Peters, and a band called Urban Rescue. After a fifteen minute intermission, Rend Collective took to the stage complete with an explosion of confetti. A few of us girls stood right at the front of the stage, with many other people jumping and worshipping together. One of the things that was really cool, was that Rend didn’t want it to be about them, they put the lyrics up so that everyone could worship together. There was so much energy and emotion to their songs, it was such an amazing thing to just glance around the room to see so many people worshipping our God together. A few of the highlights for me were when they played Build Your Kingdom Here, a song we had been listening to non stop. It was amazing to hear it in person. Another would be the hilarious stories some of the band members told. Their cool accents and funny stories were awesome! There were so many amazing moments to the concert, the last one I wanted to share was when the lead singer Chris said to put our arms around the people around us and jump, it was an amazing feeling to know that even though we don’t know these people personally now, they are all our brothers and sisters through Christ. :)

Rend 3

The concert came to an end, and it was time to go to our hotel, which was very fancy and looked kind of like a castle! I’m not kidding! After a pretty good sleep, and a yummy breakfast the next day, it was time to head home. I am so thankful for this experience, and this time spent getting to know each other in a different environment, growing closer to God.

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