Celebrating Our Grads!

by Pastor Mikel

Grad Group

This past Sunday we had a celebration barbecue with our high school graduates and their parents at the Duncans’ house. Unlike most barbecues, where the focus is to eat as much charbroiled beef and potato salad as you can, this evening had a different focus. SBC has embraced the Faith At Home model which is committed to equipping parents to be the spiritual champions of their households. We recognize that parents have the ability to influence their child’s faith with greater impact than any program we might offer. And that is why, each year, we have this Grad barbecue celebration.

The unique aspect about this barbeque is that it celebrates the full cycle of Faith At Home. The very first Faith at Home event is helping parents learn to pray a blessing over their children and at this Grad barbecue we provided a time for the parents to once again pray a blessing over their children as they head into this new season of life. It is an amazing opportunity to watch parents bless and share with their kids how much they love them and also to share their hearts’ desires for their kids’ faith to grow. It is also a remarkable opportunity for these high school graduates, to not only be reminded of their parents’ love for them, but to be also reassured of God’s incredible love for them and His good plans for their lives.

Taking some time from our busy schedules to invest in our young people is a powerful gift! It is also very influential for a young adult to hear their parents express their heartfelt faith and prayers for them, for this next season is going to be challenging! The statistics show that 80% of high school graduates will walk away from their faith within 16 weeks of graduation. However, research shows that if these young people are connected in an authentic way to a vibrant faith community, where they know that they are known and loved by other members of a larger faith community than just their parents, the odds of them walking away from their faith drastically reduces.

So, this graduation season, let us come alongside our Graduates and pray for them and encourage them in their faith and let us also do the same for their parents. If you are interested in finding out more about this research, I would encourage you to look at Dr. Kara Powell’s book “Sticky Faith”.

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