Introducing our Mexico Team

Pastor Lee Young

Hola SBC!!

We are only 2 weeks away from our missions trip to Mexico! We wanted to introduce ourselves and give you the names of our participants so you can pray for us in the weeks ahead. 


1. Jocelyn Erdt

2. Brin Young

3. Delaney Sorensen

4. Makenna Kunka

5. Avery Mckelvey

6. Brooklyn Mckelvey

7. Katie Henderson

8. Savanna Switzer

9. Hannah Mistal

10. Abby Mistal

11. Rachael Berekoff

12. Amy Berekoff

13. Julia Nixon

14. Elisabeth MacIntosh

15. Kaylie Wilson

16. Katie Van Bergeyk.

17. Brinay Burdick

18. Dawson Burdick

19. Graham Dykstra

20. Nathan Dykstra

21. Everett Young

22. Braden Switzer

23. Zach Kuechle

24. Lincoln Hoel

25. Gabe Fitzpatrick



1. Tianna Riemer

2. Lee Young

3. Colin Fitzpatrick

4. Tracey Fitzpatrick

5. Micheal Beulah

6. Darci Sherwin-Beulah

7. Katherine Switzer

8. Dan Virgint

9. Shawn Johnson

10. Grant Nixon

11. Nathan Barg

12. Josh Fitzpatrick

13. Zach Fitzpatrick

14. Rachael Smith

15. Rick Cogbill

Reminder that Rollin' Trainwreck (a country bluegrass trio) will be putting on a concert on March 10th at Centre Stage! Tickets are $20 and proceeds go to our missions trip. A silent auction will also be set up in foyer for your buying pleasure. CLICK HERE for details.

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