Reminiscing About Ignite

By Tianna Riemer

At Ignite this year, we’ve played ridiculous games, celebrated holidays, been part of a missions trip and grown. Of these things, the most unique to this year is the growth. In what ways have we grown you ask? Let me count the ways:

1. More Volunteers! At the beginning of the school year we had some fresh faces join us as volunteers. These individuals consistently showed up to connect, learn and have fun with our high schoolers. I am convinced that this is the main reason for our other areas of growth.

2. Higher attendance! While the number of students week to week greatly fluctuates, our overall size has taken a leap. I’m sure there are many factors that play into this but I can’t help but think that our amazing volunteers are playing a huge part.

3. DEPTH. You might think that to attract more youth we need more snacks or more games or more dynamic teaching. But the truth is, when they come learn, are known by at least one leader, feel comfortable to share, AND have fun and food, you have found a recipe for a community that kids want to come back to. We have found a downward type of growth that makes things strong; roots growing deep in relationships with God, and others.

As I reminisce about this past school year with our Ignite youth, I am thankful and excited. God has guided us in each decision and brought some great volunteers into the mix. Our high schoolers are leaning in to learn and connect. Folks, the future looks bright. If you don’t believe me, come hang out with them. 

games 1

games 2

games 3

holidays 1

holidays 2

holidays 3

food 1

Missions Trip:
missions 1

missions 2

And most recently... Beach Night!
beach 2

beach 1

beach 3

beach 4



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