Spirit Filled Baseball

By Pastor Lee Young

spirit filled baseball teaser

A few years back I decided I was going to start blogging about youth ministry. It seemed everyone that had 10+ years experience blogged about parenting, ministry, life, or devotional thoughts/challenges. I wrote one blog post about how I desired to start blogging and never wrote a second one. While I was looking at coming to Summerland this summer, I noticed that the SBC website had a regular blog post from the different ministries here. I thought, what a cool opportunity to start blogging about parenting, ministry, life or devotional thoughts/challenges. Now that I’m here I have come to realize that blogging takes creativity, passion, effort and time and as I sit here writing my first post it feels as though I lack all four attributes. 0 for 4 is not a great batting average but even Josh Donaldson (3B for the Blue Jays and MVP candidate) goes 0 for 4 some games. 

In baseball, teams can get uncharacteristically hot at the plate. Our Blue Jays are an example of that since the all-star break. They are first in almost all batting statistics and yet many of the players are the same players that were flat or average before the all-star break. What changed? Expectations and an influx of new talent changed the atmosphere of the locker room and playing field. They began to see themselves as winners and playoff contenders and the bats started to explode. Then the reputation that they were destroyers of the baseball started to affect opposing pitchers.

Youth Ministry, or any church ministry for that matter, is similar in that it takes creativity, passion, effort and time from everyone involved. If all four traits are clicking, it is a dynamite event and its one that gets talked about for a long time. Unfortunately, no human ever bats 1.000 over the ministry season and some events or Bible studies just fall flat. What can change a poor “batting average” in ministry isn’t different people or more effort, although sometimes that is needed. The way to get “hot bats” in ministry is to let the Holy Spirit take over the game. Jesus Himself showed us that we are to be filled by the Spirit and minister through the power of the Spirit. During His earthly ministry, Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1), led by the Spirit (Luke 4:14), and empowered by the Spirit to perform miracles (Matthew 12:28). We are to follow Christ and minister in the same way. Spirit led ministry gives us the creativity, passion, and effort needed to serve each other. We just need to be willing to give the time. 

As I move forward into this new season of ministry I am grateful for the team of players that God has provided here at SBC. It has lit a new fire and passion for me in youth ministry and I hope that together we can see our “bats heat up” as we serve together.

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